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Do You Love God or Religion?

Jesus Stained Glass love of godOn August 5th, 2012 I had the privilege to be the guest speaker at Breath of Life AG in West Carrollton, OH. This is my home church and I thank Pastor Michael Leatherberry for the opportunity.

Are you really in love with God? I mean really in love. Too many Christians today find themselves in a mundane rut of attending services, bible reading, and prayer out of a sense of obligation. If that is you, this message will remind you of the true depth of God’s unending love.

You are sure to discover a new passion and joy in your Christian walk. I hope you enjoy the message.

Please take a moment and share your thoughts with me. Did God speak to you? I would love to know what you and your beloved discussed.

Do You Truly Love God?

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I am a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I started GC Ministry in 2009 as a call to preach the word of God. I write here at to help encourage followers to develop a close relationship with GOD. Check out my Google profile for more info.

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2 Responses to "Do You Love God or Religion?"

  1. Connie (boondockma) says:

    Thank you for sharing this. You gave me a lot to think about. I especially enjoyed your expounding on the 3rd commandment. After thinking on it a bit I thought why would I want to disrespect the one I love in any way? Of course, as you mentioned, being human we’ve all done it, but I am much more aware now of those “little” ways I do just that. Praise God He not only forgives me, but when I earnestly ask, He helps me to Love Him even more deeply, and to not repeat those disrespectful words or actions.

  2. RevCollins says:

    Thanks for sharing Connie. I have to admit that expounding of the third commandment has really changed my perspective as well. God is so gracious to us.

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