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Egyptian Faith Leads to Salvation


He that feared the word of the Lord among the servants of Pharaoh made his servants and his cattle flee into the houses: (Exodus 9:20 KJV)

The Egyptians Face The One True God

God has just informed Pharaoh through Moses that He is going bring a devastating hail storm on the Egyptians. They were warned that all servants and cattle left outside would be killed. The Egyptians had already experienced six plaques brought by God.

There are now servants that have seen what God says is a promise. They may not fully understand who this God of Israel is, but they know He follows through. When Moses says they are in danger; they act to keep their possessions.

The Egyptians Take Action

They have had a real encounter with the power and size of the God of Israel that brings about life changing actions. They no longer have just a head knowledge of God. They have a heart knowledge of God. their faith in the God of Israel has brought them to action. They don’t just believe in God. They believe God.

God Honors Those Who Respond

That is the type of faith that is pleasing to God.He is not looking for a people who know Him intellectually  only. He is seeking out those who will move beyond the knowledge that God exists and that He has given commands for living your life.

He is searching for those who make those principles real enough to act on them. He wants you and I to actually show our faith by being obedient to His commands. He wants us to want to please Him out of a deep love versus a deep obligation. God wants you to obey Him because you believe He wants the best for you.

Will you be like the Egyptian servants and listen to what God says?

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